When we receive your file
We will do this:

  • Check for issues listed in the check list below
  • Notify you of problems in your artwork through email

We won’t do this:

  • Check for issues other then those listed in check list below
  • Correct any technical errors
  • Reprint the file if it fails to print as expected as a result of you not following the check list

Cut off time 1pm. Final artwork after 1pm consider as next working day order.

  1. All artwork must set to CMYK mode.
    1. If the artworks is set in inappropriate color mode, we will convert to CMYK mode without prior notice and we will not reprint or refund due to any colour differences.
    2. Output colour is subject to Grabanner’s colour standard.
  2. All letters must be created in outline shape.
  3. Artwork should be created in actual size in 1:1 scale.
  4. Artwork’s resolution should be at least 150 dpi.
  5. Artwork must be 6mm from all edges
  6. Double-sided Printing: 1cm bleeding area is required.
    1. Others: No bleeding area is required.
  7. CMYK MUST NOT be under 10% as machine cannot detect the colour
    1. For black colour please set to: (C: 30%, M: 30%, Y: 30%, K: 100%)
  8. Use of appropriate formats and application.
    1. Support software : Adobe Illustrator
    2. Support format : PDF only