Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before making your purchase;

Artwork Requirements

  1. Colour standard of all printed materials should refer to our standard in colour management; please do not refer to the standard on any monitor, screen or printed manuscript.
  2. All artwork must set to CMYK mode.
    1. If the artworks is set in inappropriate color mode, we will convert to CMYK mode without prior notice and we will not reprint or refund due to any colour differences.
    2. Output colour is subject to Grabanner’s colour standard.
  3. All letters must be created in outline shape.
  4. Artwork should be created in actual size in 1:1 scale.
  5. Artwork’s resolution should be at least 150 dpi.
  6. Artwork must be 6mm from all edges
  7. Double-sided Printing: 1cm bleeding area is required.
    1. Others: No bleeding area is required.
  8. CMYK MUST NOT be under 10% as machine cannot detect the colour
    1. For black colour please set to: (C: 30%, M: 30%, Y: 30%, K: 100%)
  9. Use of appropriate formats and application.
    1. Support software : Adobe Illustrator
    2. Support format : PDF only
  10. Grabanner is not responsible for any delay as artwork is customer’s responsibility


  1. All goods will be deliver to customer’s billing address otherwise stated
  2. Deliveries provided are only to lift level offices or homes
    1. If the customer insist on carrying the goods up the stairs, customer have to pay whatever surcharges to the delivery man
  3. Grabanner is not responsible for any late delivery due to unforeseen circumstances such as
    1. Accident
    2. Act of God
    3. Machine Break down
  4. Grabanner ensures all product sent out are 100% in working conditions.
    1. Any damages due to delivery process, Grabanner is not responsible for any losses.
    2. Please do note courier company delivery thousands of items. It is impossible for them to ensure items are not stack or ensure no damages to items.


  1. Digital printing should have color different. Due to different model of printing machine, materials, ink, time, weather, humidity, there will be 5%-15% colour different in printing the image on the material by using same image file.
  2. All printing colour should follow our colour standard, customers cannot reprint or refund due to the colour different between the product and screen shot in computer, products or drafts from other companies.
  3. In case of reprint is necessary, only same products can be returned in any circumstances, no refund nor change of products, design nor specifications would be accepted.
  4. Grabanner is not responsible for any customer submitted file that does not match with customer confirmed requirements, which may include the file inconsistency with size / bleeding deficit / colour / cutting size / image resolution inadequate / lacking of fonts, and etc., and eventually lead to finished customer’s requirements with errors.
  5. Customers guarantee that the printing content does not include any printed matter without authorization of the copyright holder text, images, designs, trademarks, currency and bank note or any of the copyrighted work; customers to ensure prints will not infringe any third party rights, including copyright, trademark, publicity, privacy and will not libel or defame any third party, and has obtained all necessary authorizations or permissions for third-party material into works of customers; customers guarantee that they have obtained all necessary permissions, rights and authorization of orders, and to authorize the printing of customers work; e-banner will request customers to submit or produce relevant authority authorization for verification if necessary.
  6. If customers provided any printed contents which may involve defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, copy, reproduce, intellectual property infringement, indecent, obscene, infringe any third party rights, currency and bank note or breach of our laws, and other printed matter, Grabanner reserves the rights to refuse in printing. With the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Grabanner also will not be responsible or liable for the contents user nor any third party.
  7. Customers undertakes that if any person, group or institution for (i) breach of the terms of service;, or (ii) any customers products in printed text, photos, images, graphics, or other materials covering or may be involved defamation, invasion of privacy, counterfeit, copy, reproduce, intellectual property infringement, indecent, obscene, infringe any third party rights, currency and bank note or violate our laws, the situation, and to make any form of litigation, claims, notification or take any action that will indemnify Grabanner and its directors, officers and employees for any losses suffered, including but not limited to the relevant claims, losses, costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.
  8. Grabanner withholds the rights to make final decision on producing or printing of any files or materials from customers.
  9. Full payment is required for all orders.


  1. After having paid for the ordered products, the Contracting Party will no longer be able to withdraw from the purchase agreement, as the product is fully personalized and specially designed for him, which is the reason why, if the Contracting Party ever wants to withdraw from the purchase agreement, he will not receive any refund of the paid amount. If the production of the ordered products has not been initiated yet, remaining amount will be transfer to store credits

Grabanner reserves the right to amend Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of Grabanner and the respective merchants.